Seeing Red and Pink: Some of our favorite shots with Happy Hues

February #month of love

By Barbara Schmidt, studiobstyle

Blogging has been a great exercise for me. I love looking at some of spectacular photography I’ve had the great fortune to work on over the years. Each photo has a story and those stories highlight all the love and hard work to create that next editorial or marketing campaign.

Photographer William Clark; Stylist Barbara Schmidt, studiobstyle

Photographer William Clark; Stylist Barbara Schmidt, studiobstyle

Sometimes you try something with only hope that it turns out somehow. I remember holding this angora tube top in my hands and sneezing afterword. I also remember thinking, oh gosh, I could never put this on my body and now I’m asking the model to do it.


She did and I found this super cute necklace at a store in Minneapolis that was strung on wire with green glass beads. Names and places are lost but I do remember looking at this photo and thinking, “I can do this”. I’ve always had a true love of fashion and it feels really great to be producing a lot of that work right now.

Photographer  Laurie Rubin ; Stylist Barbara Schmidt, studiobstyle

Photographer Laurie Rubin; Stylist Barbara Schmidt, studiobstyle

This shot came about in a studio in Minneapolis where another photographer mentioned the amazing talented Laurie Rubin. I looked her up and reached out to her to test. And look what happened – one of my all time favorite shots of my career.


Laurie is generous with her time and so collaborative. She taught me a lot and that shoot just keeps on giving me life lessons. Make sure you reach out to those you admire because they are your teachers. Shot in Chicago at a welder’s studio, we actually had to clear material than add it so I learned to look for the tree in the forest for a focal point to design.

Photographer Bob McNamera; Stylist Barbara Schmidt, studiobstyle

Photographer Bob McNamera; Stylist Barbara Schmidt, studiobstyle

It amazes me that some freelancers do not understand the value of pro bono or testing. Here is one result that proves the point – get “A” list talent in the room and you will be successful.


The art director on this was the super creative talent Todd Paulson. This is his daughter and we shot her for the Children’s Theater pro bono. I ran around Galleria pulling wardrobe from Oilily and Oh Baby. She clearly thought Photographer Bob was curious and we got the shot.

Photographer Erika Ludwig; Stylist Barbara Schmidt

Photographer Erika Ludwig; Stylist Barbara Schmidt

Out in front of house in Minneapolis we had access to the cutest camper trailer. Photographer Erika Ludwig has an eye for elevated lifestyle shooting. She’s looking for that cute moment and sometimes it just happens by accident.


This shot was actually set up for just the couple kissing in the window. The little boy just happened to be super curious about – well – kissing. Thinking back now I’m wondering if this was Erika’s son Henry or one of the kid’s from the neighborhood. Regardless, he’s accidently mimicking us the viewer with honest curiosity.

Barbara Schmidt