Commercial Flooring I Love By Barbara Schmidt, studiobstyle

I have to admit it, I usually find most commercial flooring boring coming from residential design. We like lots of texture and pattern – like furry Moroccan inspired rugs with tufts and hand loomed looking weaves.

We like things that look craftsman-like and custom. Then I found Karndean Design Flooring. Even my most particular clients found it stunning and the best part? It’s easy installation and easy on the budget.

A few years ago, I was on the hunt for an easy to lay floor that looked like high-end wood. I needed the flooring fast too. It was for a residential project in Minneapolis and it had to look luxurious.

I checked with all my usual sources and I was frustrated because of availability and timing. One the last websites I checked brought me to Karndean. The wood looking floors were phenomenal and rated for both residential and commercial use. Can I get it fast? Sure.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 10.11.08 AM.png

I ordered it for the kitchen project above. The client loved the floors and actually got on their hands and knees to touch the planks. It was soft to walk on – because it’s vinyl – and not just any vinyl – a luxurious vinyl.

Now before you say that’s an oxymoron let me explain. I wasn’t looking for vinyl. I was looking for wood but found something much better for our project and here’s why:

•Karndean vinyl looks so good it fools the discerning eye

•Karndean vinyl is super easy to install

•Vinyl is much lower cost than wood

•Karndean vinyl is scratch resistant unlike wood

•Vinyl is usually in stock

Custom designed kitchen Barbara Schmidt, studiobstyle, inc

Custom designed kitchen Barbara Schmidt, studiobstyle, inc

Live by the water? Guess what? Vinyl doesn’t warp with moisture like wood does. Vinyl is easy to replace if one of the planks gets damaged too.

The Beach House client was so worried about the fact that this would look like a faux wood I had to send her a full plank sample just to check it out. She couldn't believe it was vinyl and approved it for the kitchen and dining room.

Think luxury vinyl isn’t high end enough for your project? Well guess what? I put it on the cover of a magazine! That’s right. The editor of Midwest Home magazine couldn’t believe what she saw (see below). We cut the longer planks into smaller pieces and installed a custom herringbone floor in a couple of hours. We shot the project for the cover last spring.

Watch for our next project in process right now featuring – you guessed it – Karndean. It’s a high-end office for a wealth management firm in Minneapolis. Why did this client choose Karndean? For the look and the reduction of noise transfer – and the easy installation of course! Follow along to watch #Kerry’s office materialize before your very eyes – (link studiobstyle Instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest)

Karndean LooseLay Longboard French Oak Flooring - just beautiful!