One Project: Three Icons The New Hunter Douglas Iris Apfel Commercial

“Shooting with three major icons in our industry was a career high,” said Barbara Schmidt, Interior Designer and Prop Stylist @bigleoproductions. As the Interior Designer on the recent Hunter Douglas/Iris Apfel commercial, Barbara was asked to help chose the location for the commercial and source the furnishings and props for the room sets.


“We found this amazing location outside of New York that had an oversized semi-circle window-scape,” Schmidt described. “I knew that was the location the minute we saw it.”


“Next we worked with one of my favorite designers, Kelly Wearstler, to feature her furnishings and accessories in the room settings. She was so accommodating and her pieces were specifically chosen by the client for their design and style.”


Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 8.00.57 AM.png

“Then, we were in meetings with the director – a style icon all on her own – Daniela Federici. Meeting and working with Daniela was a dream come true. I learned so much about photography and film from her that week. “


The Big Leo crew also included Prop Assistants Sophie Strangio, Morgan Orcholski and Sara Feinstein. “They worked so diligently and we had long days so I thank them for all their effort,” said Schmidt.


And what was it like to work with style icon Iris Apfel? Schmidt described, “Well she worked as hard if not harder than everyone else. She told stories and shared contacts with us after the shoot. She was so charming and quick witted – she is fashion and design.” The wink was planned and a couple of pair of glasses were made for her Hunter Douglas debut.


Barbara Schmidt has worked with Hunter Douglas for over 15 years shooting both on location and in studio. Her next featured project will be released in a month – a collaboration with Ian Hanson – also with Big Leo Productions. Click here to see the commercial.

Barbara Schmidt