Real ISpyDIY

Ever meet someone who is the real deal? That’s Jenni Radosevich of! A few months ago I was sent to style her bedroom for a feature in the July issue of Better Homes & Gardens.  BHG was featuring a headboard that Jenni made herself from off-the-shelf casing available at most big box builder stores.

Jenni and I met at the Milwaukee West Elm store to gather a few pillows and throws for her bedroom. The West Elm employees were super friendly and loaned us vases, pillows and throws with giant smiles on their faces. They knew Jenni and were really helpful.

Then we headed across the street to Form Fine Goods, a floral shop owned by Jenni’s friend. This amazing little shop is located right in the Milwaukee Public Market. Besides great floral options, the shop owner had a collection of wedding blankets to die for – they were stunning and so well made.

Then we crossed over a few blocks to Jenni’s studio. Her wide-open white space held pockets of projects along the outer walls. Paints, power tools and plants filled various sections where she was working on her next creative projects for posting.

Jenni was soon moving to a bigger and better studio. She also mentioned that she just bought a vintage home in Milwaukee to rehab.

With moving studios and renovating a home, Jenni said she was going to be kept very busy with different projects for her site. Where excited to see the work she does.

And about that headboard – Jenni needed to cut another trim piece for the side of the headboard and she did that overnight just before the shoot. She constructed the headboard herself. Fun to note that Jenni will have a whole new line of DIY tools and supplies available to purchase this fall.

Snapchatting her way through the photo shoot, Jenni burst into big laughs as she spun around the room and gave her follows a behind the scenes look at what we were up to throughout the day. She loves what she does and she had so many original ideas – make sure to follow her Instagram ispydiy for all the latest and greatest!

Barbara Schmidt