DIY Kitchen Design Tricks

Don’t have the budget to custom build your cabinets or are you just as sick of looking at the same cabinets everyday and need a change? Working as an expert in this industry for over 20 years, I have found some simple tricks that help refresh your home and create a more chic feel. Not only do these tricks help add value to your home, but they also help to keep more money in your bank account-- and that’s all that really matters, right?

1. Mix woods and or paint colors to look more customized.
Kitchens that are all one finish tend to look dated, especially if they are one style of cabinetry installed in a standard upper and lower format. By mixing the color and or texture of the cabinet finishes, you are creating a naturally more textural environment with more depth. Visually, the different finishes will help draw attention to each finish and feel more luxurious. Some great areas to swap a different complementary finish are your island and pantry areas.

2. Swap out a few cabinets with different depths.
By giving your cabinets different depths in one or two areas, the entire kitchen takes on a higher end look. If you can purchase upper and lowers at 24 inches to create a pantry area, it will help your cabinet run look more customized. The cabinets look more built in. Think of areas where there would be a natural break, such as an appliance garage or storage for boxed goods or bowls. Another great area to pull forward a cabinet is around the sink area.

Barbara Schmidt