What Will We Carry Forward Into 2017 and What Will We Leave Behind?

By Barbara Schmidt

Five Things We Will Carry Forward Into 2017

1) Social Media: Because we believe this is where advertising will grow. Because we have a voice and because we love it so much!

2) Photography: Because we shot with Alex Hayden, Brigitte Sire and Annie Schlechter and they inspired us on for next year. Because nothing is better than being on location or in studio designing, propping and shooting for our clients.

3) Propping: Because we shopped a linen collector in Paris and potters in California and many more. Because handmade gets us every time!

4) Editorial: Because this is were we get to soar. Because editorial branding is just like regular branding with a printing press.

5) Playtime: Because this is where and when our best comes forward. Because if work is play and vice versa our quality of life increases ten-fold.

Five Things We'll Leave Behind

1) iPhone 6: Because it doesn’t ring and the photo quality on the 7 is better.

2) Excel Spreadsheets: Because with Expensify we don’t need them for billing anymore.

3) The Idea of “Manana”: Because if 2016 taught us all anything, it’s that we don’t all have a lot of tomorrows to count on.

4) Henredon Chair: Because we finally sold it!

5) Home is One Destination: Because home is truly where your heart is and with friends and family all over the globe – home is planet earth.

Barbara Schmidt