Shop the Look: Cape Cod Mod

Whether you live on the coast, in the city, or in a town, you can obtain the cape cod style of décor in your home. Here’s what I sourced for my recent Coastal Living Shoot that you can use in your home today:

Trend 1: Shibori Accents
Look for deep cobalt blue fabrics that lend themselves to the tones of the Caribbean seas. That saturated blue says beach, vacation and rest with one look.  I used the Diamond Shibori Print Pillow from Pottery Barn


Trend 2: Mediterranean Patterns
Nothing is hotter than the Moroccan patterns in fabrics and tile. Look for Encaustic tile and piles of pillows from John Robshaw .

Trend 3: Handmade Pottery
Finding the Haand Pottery was such a great addition to our story. The swirled blue vases were just the perfect décor for the Rhode Island house. Who doesn’t think of gazing into swirling pools of azure with these spectacular pieces?

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Barbara Schmidt