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fully working kitchens for authenticity

All our kitchens and bathrooms function - if need be - and that was the case with this project. We were asked to think of experiences in Europe - the spaces, the design and the ergonomics of a creative space. Everything would be within reach. The refrigerators ran and the cooktop heated our iron skillet for fresh fish. It is so important for us to present "the real deal" no matter what the circumstances. We wanted to shoot food that really could be prepared in this kitchen with the exact ingredients we could pull from the refrigerators and/or freezers. Every cabinet was made to fit the new product sizing and to create a modern clean line. In reality, this isn't a large space but it is extremely functional. This custom set was so popular that it was featured in an editorial, and we've had more inquires about this kitchen than we've had about any other so far.



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